Incredibly lightweight, breathable, spacious, naturally antibacterial, eco-friendly, and easy to use and pack!

Land Fresh!
SkyTent™ products are made of the highest quality materials and the most simple easy to use and pack design for inflight privacy and protection and we stand behind that! We are so sure you will love it we offer a 365 day returns policy. That is a full year of time for you to decide on how much you appreciate having quality privacy and protection on long flights so you can land fresh!  Our bamboo and organic cotton blend fabric is naturally antibacterial, soft and luxurious, you can expect some wrinkling to occur but this does not diminish the effectiveness of your SkyTent™ in any way. The stiffening that holds the fabric away from the face is made of plastic and can bend, if it gets bent out of shape in your bag or pocket, you can simply bend it back (within reason). They are very comfortable but also incredibly durable, throw it into the washing machine (don’t forget to remove the essential oil insert) on delicate and tumble dry to prolong life and avoid shrinking. If the integrity of your SkyTent™ is compromised please discontinue use right away and return it! We will be more than happy to exchange it for a new one (we do not cover shipping). 
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